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Little Rippers

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Little Rippers is our kids coaching program. We offer a variety of sessions as laid out below. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with your options and have a look through the calendar at the bottom of the page to see what’s on.

Open Sessions

Ages: 5-6 years £10 (1.5-hour session), 7-10 years £20 (3-hour session) and 11-14 years old £20 (3-hour session)

The Open Sessions are guided rides where we can offer coaching advice, hints and tips on how to ride faster and with more confidence and flow. These are ideal for kids who want a one-off taster or progression over multiple sessions without committing to a full course. Your child does not need to have been mountain biking before but we’d ask that they’d have experienced riding on grass and/or gravel surfaces ahead of their session.


Holiday Club Sessions – 5 hours – these sessions will run 10:00 to 15:00.

Cost: £35 per child

Ages: 7-10 years and 11-14 years old

We have set up the holiday sessions so your child can come to just one, or can complete a course by booking 2 together. Book any session as a stand-alone session, the focus skills are listed in the session description. If your child completes a course by participating in both parts they will get a certificate of completion and a goody bag! We have the Fundamentals syllabus for 7-10s and the Jumps and Drops syllabus for 11-14s. Every session will also include a ‘how to’ safety check which starts to get the kids familiar with the mechanics of their bikes and a specific repair lesson, either, how to fix a puncture or how to repair a chain. The sessions will run 10:00 – 15:00, there will be a supervised half hour lunch break (please bring a packed lunch). All sessions will include a section on body position and posture on the bike. Good body position being the cornerstone of everything else we teach – you can not learn to corner well, manual, pump or jump without getting a good understanding of what good body position is and why it works. It is something we consistently work with, with all our coaching clients and can never be practised too much! Dates and times below.

Fundamentals – 7-10s 

We don’t currently have any of these sessions scheduled – to subscribe to our Little Rippers newsletter email


Jumps and Drops – 11-14s

We don’t currently have any of these sessions scheduled – to subscribe to our Little Rippers newsletter email


Click “Book Now” and find the date on the calendar you are interested in to find full details.

5 Week ‘Fundamentals’ Course

Cost: £60 per child (cost for all 5 weeks)

Ages: 7-10 years 

This course follows a similar syllabus to the adults ‘Fundamentals’ course. We have separated out the sections and packaged it in a way that will work for younger riders. We will have the time and consistency to teach more in depth technique than is possible in the Open Sessions, setting goals and building on previous learning as the weeks go by. Your child is guaranteed to come out a faster, more skilled and more confident rider. We recommend your child shows enthusiasm to want to learn and progress their biking skills, has attended an Open Session or has some off road trail riding experience. If you have any questions about the course or whether your child’s experience is suitable, please email or call us.

We don’t currently have any of these sessions scheduled – to subscribe to our Little Rippers newsletter email

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Our Little Rippers sessions are organised and guided by Ollie. Click here to find out more about him. He can be contacted by email


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