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2020 Academy sessions.

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The Pedal Progression Skills Academy is our kids coaching program. We offer a variety of sessions as laid out below. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with your options and have a look through the calendar at the bottom of the page to see what’s on. All sessions start and finish at our Ashton Court base in Bristol.


Age 5+ Open Session and Taster

These open sessions aim to give younger children a fun experience, building confidence and planting the seed of great technique along the way. They are ideal for your child as a one off or for progression over multiple sessions. Designed primarily for children aged 5-6 they can also be a great experience for slightly older kids who just want to dip a toe in and find out if mountain biking is for them.

Open Session: 1.5 hours, £15: Confirmed dates

11/07 – 9am. 18/07 – 9am. 1/08 – 9am. 12/08 – 2pm. 15/08 9am. 29/08 9am. 5/09 – 9am.

Age 7+ Coaching Pathway, Course and Session Information

Our 7+ coaching pathway starts with the fundamentals then takes children onto more advanced skills, technical features and trails whilst progressing their riding in a safe, enjoayble and exciting learning environment.

It’s really important to us that all participants have a really positive mountain biking experience. For this reason we would ask you to take some time to look at the options and book them on an appropriate session for their ability. More detail can be found by clicking through to the event via the calendar below.

Fundamentals Blue Grade Sessions – Complete all three and get a certificate and free water bottle!

Core Skills: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

16/07 – 2pm. 19/07 – 2pm. 21/07 10am. 22/07pm 28/07 – 10am. 4/08 – 10am. 5/08 – 10am. 11/08 – 10am. 25/08 – 10am.

Cornering: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

22/07 – 10am. 29/07 – 10am. 5/08 – 10am. 6/08 – 2pm. 18/08 – 2pm. 26/08 – 10am.

Pumping and wheel lifts: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

23/7 – 10am. 30/07 – 10am. 6/08 – 10am. 13/08 – 10am. 18/08 – 10am. 27/08 – 10am.

Advanced Trail Tech Red Grade Sessions – Complete all three for a certificate and free water bottle! You will need to have done all three of the blue grade sessions and/or get a sign off from one of our coaches before moving on to this more advanced level.

Steep and Tech: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

6/08 – 2pm.

Jumps: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

29/07 – 2pm. 19/08 – 10am.

Drops: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

23/07 – 2pm. 13/08 – 2pm.

11+ Coaching Pathway, Course and Session Information

Older riders tend to have either been through our 7+ coaching pathway or are a little more confident to start with, having been riding a bike for longer. Again, we would encourage you to have a look at the description for each session and book your child onto one that feels appropriate for their ability. If your child is 11+ but a little less confident or less experienced booking them onto a 7+ session to begin with could be a great confidence boost. If you are unsure please give us a call and ask to speak to one of our coaches.

Core Skills: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

21/07 – 2pm. 4/08 – 2pm. 25/08 – 2pm.

Cornering: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

28/07 – 2pm.

Jumps: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

5/08 – 2pm. 19/08 – 2pm. 27/08 – 2pm.

Drops: 2.5 hours, £25: Confirmed dates

30/07 – 2pm. 11/08 – 2pm. 26/08 – 2pm.

Once you have found the course that suits your child. Click the book now button, find the date on the calendar and click through to make your booking. 

If you can’t find anything that suits your child at the moment please get in contact with and sign up to our newsletter here

You will receive this session information once you have booked. If for any reason you don’t you’ll also find a copy here.

If we ask you to print and fill in a paper H&S form you can find it here. 

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