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Trail Advocacy

Trail Advocacy

Back in 2018 it became apparent that there was no more funding for the trails in Ashton Court. Cash strapped Bristol City Council couldn’t cover all the costs for the much needed trail maintenance. As we were ideally located and passionate about seeing the trails remain for years to come, we decided to take action. We spent two years fundraising and working with hundreds of volunteers and local trail builders Architrail, to do a full rebuild of the 7.5km loop.

The project was a huge success and the trails are now arguably a better ride than when they were first built, packed wth more features than ever. Surveys have shown that numbers have riders have increased since the renovation and rider diversity too.

Our trail advocacy work took up a huge amount of our time. It was never going to be sustainable for the long term but we needed to do something to get things going. In 2020, a group of volunteers who had been involved in the project, along with Ollie (Pedal Progression), set up Ride Bristol…

Ride Bristol

Launched in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, the Ride Bristol charity was formed to take on the work Pedal Progression had started, keeping up trail maintenance in Ashton Court and looking at maintaining and creating new trails across Bristol. All donations previously given through Pedal Progression have ben passed on to the charity.

Covid-19 had a huge impact on the start of the project as Ride Bristol were unable to get any dig days in the diary. There will be plenty coming up in the coming months and years. Head to to find out the latest information. You’ll also be able to donate here and sign up to volunteer. They also have Facebook & Instagram so give them a like or follow.

If you’d like to see the history of how we got to Ride Bristol, please have a look through the links below.

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