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Trail Advocacy

Trail Advocacy

The trails at Ashton Court need your help! There is currently no sponsorship for the trails and funding from cash strapped Bristol City Council won’t stretch to cover all the costs for much needed trail maintenance. As we are passionate about mountain biking and ideally located, we’ve taken on the role of fundraisers to bring in much needed cash to ensure the trails are fit for purpose and the huge original investment to build the trails isn’t wasted by them falling into permanent disrepair.

Our goal is to ensure these trails remain free to use and are accessible and fun to ride for all abilities, as was originally intended when first built. This doesn’t mean the trails have to be flat and boring, more that they must flow and all features be rollable.

Please read our blog here for the full story of how we have reached this point and about how we plan to proceed into the future.

Buy The Trail A Beer!

We’re asking that you treat the trail as you might a friend, after all, you guys probably hang out together a fair bit and I’m sure you greatly value each other… So, why not buy the trail a beer!?

If you own a local business, or a national company and would like to make a larger donation in return for some exposure, please get in contact with us – 0117 973 1298

You can also use this page to see how the fund is due to be spent. Scroll below the donations form to get the latest news on this project! Thank you.


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