Social Value - Pedal Progression

Social Value


Social Value

We see Bath Bike Park as an opportunity to sow positively into many local lives.

For individuals:

  •  Improving health inequalities in specific target groups to deliver social value.
  • Our proposed facilities and activity will support people to return to good health after Covid-19.
  • Group rides that encourage people to form new social relationships that will improve their lives and wellbeing.
  • Development of community, to support the sites commercial activities and targeted outcomes around the council’s strategic aims.

With others: 

  • Supporting and working alongside local charities to deliver their programs by offering reduced and free sessions.
  • Employment of a local marketing and community engagement worker.
  • Working with local sports clubs and we will set up at least one club on site.
  • Working with schools, we will look to empower children with skills and knowledge that will support them to gain employment in the bike industry should they wish.
  • Collaborating with local community groups who are committed to delivering to the social value policy.

Economic Approach – Thinking local first In relation to goods, works & services

Pedal Progression is becoming an accredited living wage employer. Once the park is open we’ll have 6 full time equivalent roles. We’ve projected 20 full time equivalent staff employed by maturity. All positions will be filled by recruiting with a policy of looking local first, so that wealth goes back into the local economy and also practically for ease of travel to the site. Where possible we’ll look for in-house/local trainers to provide employee’s with increased skill set and thus make our team more productive and more employable, making further significant contributions to the local economy. For example, Mechanics will be put through an accredited course. Currently in Bristol this is with a local charity Lifecycle. Where we can not do this in its entirety, we would consider how we might use local labour, products or resource, to fulfil part of the works.

We will work with young people to empower them with the skills they need to repair and maintain their own bikes. We’ll also commit to work towards including retail and bike mechanic apprenticeships into our employment strategy.


We’ll actively support our staff to cycle to work where possible and will provide facilities on site to encourage this. The bike park will become a hub for active travel information in the local area with the aim of increasing local residents using bikes to commute, facilitating this through our bike shop and Cyclescheme.

Our tender included plans for all buildings to be made from reused shipping containers and where possible, reclaimed materials in the fitting of them. These modular buildings are prefabricated in a factory off site which make them a super carbon efficient way to build, as well as reducing construction time. This buildings will use energy efficient lights, electric appliances and run a smart meter.

We plan to provide free drinking water on site and working with Refill/City to Sea NGO to develop informative pollution awareness campaign to reduce waste generation and associated waste disposal emissions. Similarly, we’ll bring in leading waste management companies to establish high quality waste and recycling collections and will work with NGO ‘Trash Free Trails’ to help educate people around this.

We’ll look to work with brands selling more sustainable alternatives and will encourage re-use and repair on site to reduce demand for new goods and therefore the associated raw materials/emissions in their production.