Bath Bike Park Update Feb 2022 - Pedal Progression


15 February 2022

Bath Bike Park Update Feb 2022

It feels like it’s been a while since we last put out an update regarding the progress of the Bath Bike Park build. Largely that’s because there hasn’t been lots to say, there has however been lots going on behind the scenes with the team pressing on towards planning.

We want to let you know that the project has been delayed. In part this feels disappointing, but it also feels hugely positive, in that it comes from a drive to ensure everything is done properly from the outset. It is of the upmost importance that construction goes forward safely, that there is due care and consideration paid to the needs of the local community and ecology, and that the design principles set out in our bid hold strong with the vision remaining unchanged.

There have been some challenges presented by the surveys undertaken last year, particularly around construction. We have been privileged to work with some amazing people (not least our construction partners Architrail Velosolutions), to produce a final design that has been praised by various folks within the industry, including British Cycling consultant Rob Ogden who said “I’m very impressed with the quality of design and with the progressive nature of the park, plus the number of features and exciting elements that have been included. This is probably the best design I’ve seen for this type of facility.”

Initial feedback from planning has been very positive. Much of the information and design work needed has already been done and is due to be submitted soon. We hope to have positive news on this and a revised construction and opening timeline in the coming months.

We have been progressing conversations with some major brands in the industry and expect to have some amazing companies on board to ensure the experience of the park is the best it can be. It’s of huge importance these brands share our values and understand that the park is not just a bike park but a project to support positive change, within the cycling industry, and within B&NES. It’s to be a powerful example of a concept that could benefit any city.

This is an exciting and unique project. Our approach has been to combine awesome people, specialist knowledge, positivity, hard work, creativity and perseverance in the face of the challenges that have presented themselves. We’d like to thank all of those involved to date and all of those who will no doubt be part of what we do in the future.

You can read the B&NES February 2022 Press Release here. Information about the revisions to the site from the concept design plan here, with a more detailed map here. The latest consultation on the final design plans can be accessed and completed online, here.

Thanks for your interest in the project,

Matt & Ollie


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