Advanced Coaching In The Forest Of Dean - Pedal Progression

Advanced Coaching In The Forest Of Dean

We are pleased to announce from Summer 2018, we have the Forest of Dean as a second coaching venue! This location allows us to coach advanced riders and those looking for steeper and faster terrain to push their limits.

While we still recommend Ashton Court and Leigh Woods as a great coaching location, we realise some of you are looking for the next step. You’ve had sessions with us before, your body position is dialled, your jump technique is giving you great pop and you are progressing. The Forest of Dean then gives us the option for follow-up sessions further down the line to put these techniques into place when you have the added pressure of difficult terrain to work with.

We can offer the fine tuning needed in order for you to see improvement in your race results and perhaps even find the podium. If style is what you’re looking for, rather than speed, the jump lines in the Forest Of Dean can provide the launch pad as we push for whips and look to get the bike flat! There are a whole multitude of advanced skills we can coach you through here.

Give us a call if you’re unsure what kind of session would be best for you. Our years of experience allows us to gauge where you’re at before we’ve ridden with you for the first time.

Prices per person:


1 Person

2 People

3 People

4+ People

4 Hours £185 £115 £90 £67.50
6 Hours £250 £170 £120 £90


Booking is not available online so please call us for a chat and we can tailor your session to suit your needs – 0117 973 1298