Skills Academy 11+ Drops - BRISTOL - Pedal Progression

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Skills Academy 11+ Drops – BRISTOL

Please only book children onto this course for whom you are the legal guardian: Due to the need to have all information and T&Cs signed off electronically from the child’s legal guardian you can only book your own child/children onto a course. You can book siblings in one booking but please make sure all information for all siblings is on the form.  If there are any medical conditions or injuries please make it clear which child is affected.

What is it? Whether it is as simple as a curb on your way to school or a massive 15ft sender at you favourite bike park. Riding drops on your bike has always been and will always be awesome fun! To do it well and safely takes great technique, an ability to assess how and when to apply it and the confidence to commit. In this session we will cover all you need to know and practice to equip you with the skills you need to progress safely and with style.

Is it suitable for my child? This session is suitable for children aged 11+ who are confident standing up on blue trails downhills and have either completed our 7+ or 11+ core skills academy course. If your child is 11+ but not super confident or small for their age and not been on a course with us before they could join a session with the 7+ age group as a great way to boost confidence.

What will they need? A well maintained mountain bike with knobbly tyres, gears and minimum 24″ wheel. A well fitting helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing for the conditions on the day (more details on this will be provided in session information pack after booking). Knee and elbow pads not required but are recommended.

Can I hire a bike? Yes, we have Whyte and Islabikes  for hire. Please book ahead. These will be an additional cost. Use code COACHING20 at the bike hire checkout to receive a discount when hiring a bike for a coaching session.

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