Skills Academy 7+ Pumping and Wheel Lifts - Blue - Pedal Progression

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Skills Academy 7+ Pumping and Wheel Lifts – Blue

!!!! Important COVID19 Secure Booking Information!!! you can only book your own children onto a course – Due to the need to have all information and T&Cs signed off electronically from a parent or legal guardian you can only book you own child/chidren onto a course. You can book siblings in one booking but please make sure all information for all siblings is on the form.  If there are any medical conditions or injuries please make it clear which child is affected.

What is it? This course covers techniques needed to get speed without pedalling and your wheels off the ground. Both invaluable skills to have if you want to ride faster and with more flow.

Is it suitable for my child? This session is suitable for children aged 7+ who can ride confidently over grass and gravel without stabilisers. They should be able get going, keep momentum and control the speed and direction of their bike without additional adult support. We would strongly encourage you to book your child onto our 7+ core skills module before doing this session. They will struggle to understand the learning content and concepts unless they have done the core skills module first. Most children on this course will be between the ages of 7 and 10. However, if you have an older child who is small for their age then they are also very welcome. Please do not book you child onto this course if they are under 7 unless this has been approved by one of our instructors.

What will they need? A well maintained bike with knobbly tyres, gears and minimum 20″ wheel. A well fitting helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing for the conditions on the day (more details on this will be provided in session information pack after booking). Knee and elbow pads not required but are recommended.  You can find more details here. This document is also available when you have booked and is at the bottom of the main Skills Academy webpage.

Can I hire a bike? Yes, we have Islabikes for hire. Please book ahead. These will be an additional cost.

Is mountain biking dangerous? Children are no more likely to suffer injury whilst mountain biking than they would be playing most other traditional sports that they would do at school or in the playgound. However there are inevitability some inherent risks. Please read the T&Cs before signing your child up. By agreeing to these you are accepting the risks involved. Please get in touch for a chat if you have any concerns. Company risk assessments available on request.

Any questions, who you gonna call??: Ollie on 01179731298,

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