Skills Academy Aged 5 - 6 Beginner - 1pm to 2pm - Pedal Progression

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Skills Academy Aged 5 – 6 Beginner – 1pm to 2pm

Please only book children onto this course for whom you are the legal guardian.

What do we cover?

– Safe braking and speed control off road

– Body position for descending

– We only go on wider fire roads using obstacles and cones to develop technique

This course is suitable for your child if: 

– They are between 5 and 6 years old (less confident older children can join us)

– They can ride over grass and gravel without stabilisers of adult support to keep momentum

– They can control the direction and speed of their bike on tarmac, gently sloping terrain

– They are keen to try off road riding

What will they need? 

– A well maintained bike with knobbly tyres

– A well fitting helmet

– Gloves and appropriate clothing for the conditions on the day

– Knee and elbow pads are not required but are recommended

– Full pre-course information will be provided at booking but can be found here too

Can I hire a bike?

– Yes, we have Whyte bikes for hire. Please book ahead. Use code COACHING20 at the bike hire checkout to receive a discount when hiring a bike for a coaching session.

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