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21 March 2020

Important Coronavirus Update 21st March

Like many small businesses and individuals alike, we’ve been watching the Prime Ministers updates with a high level of scrutiny, as well as the news coming in from other parts of the world…

The situation has gotten to a point where we no longer feel comfortable opening the shop, for the fact that regardless of our efforts, we may be a part of spreading the virus. We have decided to close the shop for the foreseeable future. We encourage you to take the advice of the health professionals over these next few weeks and beyond. It’s our belief that the quicker people listen and adhere to what is being asked of them, the quicker our business and others like it can be back up and running.

Please follow us on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. We hope to have some good news for you soon.

If you’d like to hire a bike for a prolonged period of time, we may be able to help. Please reach us on

Keep supporting small businesses where you can, look after yourselves and your families and let’s get through this.

Thanks for your understanding,

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