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15 March 2022

Introducing More Young Women & Girls To MTB

Building a life long passion for mountain biking in young women and girls. 

We are passionate about our sport, the great pleasure and benefits it has brought us.

We believe it is important to support under represented groups to get involved and want to try and understand the barriers.

This is the case for young women and girls and is the reason we created our ‘Just For Girls’ sessions. Responding to the fact that girls do better and feel safer when doing physical activity in a single sex group.

We want to start ’em young, continue to provide opportunities to stay involved, whilst making new riders feel welcome. You do not have to have been mountain biking before to join us on a Just For Girls Core Skills session.

It is commonly known that women are under represented in mountain biking and it is typically as girls approach their teen years that the drop off increases.

We have found that in the younger 5 + age groups the split between girls and boys is around 50/50. However, this dwindles and it is unfortunately quite rare to get female participants in our 11+ sessions.

This trend is not unique to mountain biking, a recent study by Women In Sport (BBC article with full report linked within) looked to identify some of the reasons and suggest some actions that can be taken. The report initially states, ‘worryingly girls lose their love of sport and exercise during teenage years and this presents a significant psychological barrier throughout life’… ‘Girls who become women who hold a passion for sport live happier and healthier lives.’

We particularly like point 2. of the reports top principles for success, ‘Invoke excitement, bring a sense of adventure and discovery’. Yes we are probably bias but mountain biking kinda hits the nail on the head with this one!

We want to do what we can to create safe and fun spaces for girls to enjoy mountain biking because we know first hand all the positive benefits it can bring! Our ‘Just For Girls’ Core Skills sessions are the ideal start point for anyone young female rider. These are the first step on the our youth mountain bike coaching pathway and ideal for riders who can ride a bike but have not done much (or any) off road.

The sessions will be led by one of our coaches and our shop manager Camille aka @Bisheybarnaby_mtb. You can guarantee they will be super fun, inspiring and hopefully be a first step to building a passion for riding for life.

To find the most up to date info on current scheduled sessions click here.

If there are not any at the moment sign up to our youth coaching newsletter here.

If you are a fully grown up adult why not take a look at Tribe Adventures Bristol who run women only mountain bike intro’s and social rides.


Written by:

Ollie Cain