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18 December 2021

Public coaching sessions are back for 2022!

We’re excited to announce that our public coaching sessions will be back in 2022!

The public sessions are a great way to develop your mountain bike skills as part of a supportive group, in a fun and relaxed way.

Intrigued to know what coaching is all about, or why you should probably get some? Then read on.

We believe our coaching pathway is the best way to progress on the bike. Mountain biking is an incredibly challenging sport that requires physical aptitude and mental determination. MTB skills don’t come naturally, they take time to practise and develop which is why coaching is so beneficial.

Just like a keen footballer may go to practise sessions to develop their passing or shooting before a league match, or a piano player would need hours of lessons to be able to play Mozart’s Sonata No. 11 – it takes focussed learning and practise time to develop any skill set, mountain biking included. Coaching is all about having the opportunity to enjoy structured practise time with a professional coach, while receiving exercises and feedback specific to you. Coaching will empower you to hone your craft and master the skills.

We know how awesome progress feels and what a confidence boost it can be to nail a new challenge, however without coaching it can be hard to make positive and measurable progress on your bike – You may be a complete beginner and want to hit the ground running, or you may be a weekend warrior who’s unknowingly developing bad habits… perhaps you know what you need to do on the bike but just can’t quite get your body to play ball?! Maybe you’ve found that your motivation has flat-lined or your skills have plateaued. Coaching is a great way to get you out of that metaphorical rut, relight the fire for riding and give you new ways to improve.

As coaches, sharing our passion, knowledge and experience with our customers is what we live for.

Half Day Courses

We are happy to be launching three different half day sessions:

Fundamentals, Find Your Flow and Jumps & Drops.

Designed to be done as a series, you follow our progression pathway through each session to ensure you get the most out with minimal repetition and maximum progress!

For those who have never had coaching before, we advise you start with the ‘Fundamentals’, no matter your experience or ability. This is effectively the most important of all coaching sessions. The fundamentals are the building blocks to your progression and enjoyment on the bike. All our future sessions and the advanced skills you learn stem entirely from the fundamentals which we constantly refer back to throughout the programme. All our drills and exercises can be tailored to the abilities of each individual, to ensure everyone gains from the session. In a nutshell, without the fundamentals your progress will be limited, so there’s no coaching session more crucial than this one.

Every mountain biker needs the fundamentals, so don’t hesitate to get yourself booked onto this course!

If you’ve had coaching with us before whether a public or bespoke session, feel free to jump ahead to ‘Find Your Flow’ where we expand on the fundamental skills and develop essential methods to find speed and flow on the trail. We take your cornering up a level and introduce new techniques with pumping and manuals that equips you with the essential skills for session three.

Our ‘Jumps & Drops’ course is an advanced session that’s all about getting airborne; the best feeling in the world! We build all the necessary movements to be able to ride drop off’s and jumps with control. It’s recommended you are a confident rider and have a decent understanding of pumping and manuals to proceed with this course.

Our Public half day sessions start on 22nd January 2022 with the first ‘Fundamentals’ course, progressing through the programme every other Saturday after that. The groups are for a maximum of 8 people. Click the links above to find out more about each course and get booked on! See you out there.


Written by:

Phil Simpson