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    “I've found a love for riding I didn't have before and made some great new friends!”

    Megan, 23
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    “Matt remained professional whist delivering valuable skills suited to my riding ability. The session was not only enjoyable, but revolutionised the way I ride. Thank you Pedal Progression!”

    Dave, 25
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    “As a new mountain bike rider, I found the Singletrack Level 1 program challenging, fun and insightful. Bite size teaching made the session palatable, meaning I came away with new skills and an increased confidence on the trail.”

    Chris, 26

Here's what we do

Check out the video above to learn more about us, and to see some footage of us thrashing our bikes Ashton Court.

Current Trail Conditions

The Beggar Bush Lane section has just been resurfaced and is running fast and smooth. Bristol's natural trails are slippery after recent rain but mud tyres are in stock! Mountains of fallen leaves are making the drier spots radtacular!