People - Pedal Progression


A team you can trust

There’s nothing like knowing you are in safe hands whilst pushing your limits, which is why all of our instructors are qualified through the MBLA (Mountain Bike Leadership Award), British Cycling or MIAS (Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme).

Just as importantly as qualifications, our instructors have in-depth knowledge of the physics of bike control. We are constantly researching, testing and refining coaching theories and ideas to better our understanding. This means that we don’t just push you in at the deep end and tell you to swim!

We have developed drills and techniques so that you can explore different body movements and their effects on your ability to control your bike in different ways. At Pedal Progression you don’t just take our word for it, you can feel it!

Our teaching breaks down the advanced skills into bite-size chunks so that real progression is within the reach of every rider – no matter how good you already may be.

So book a skills session with us today – you’ll be amazed by what you can learn!