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18 June 2014

Pedal Progression Racing – 4x World Champs

It’s a pretty big deal to get asked to represent your country in sport… For Liz the invitation was quite the shock after only competing in one British 4x season![left]

We’ve known Liz for a few years now and it’s become evident that there’s not a half arsed bone in her body… She’s all or nothing.

Since her first coaching session with Matt a couple years back (Singletrack 1), she’s been pushing the boundaries of her riding to see where it can take her. Liz currently rides for Pedal Progression Racing.

In her first 4x race last year, Liz finished at the back surprised with the aggression the winning riders would show on track. It was an ongoing lesson that lasted a season and by the last race saw Liz finishing 2nd behind Katy Curd. After some weeks in the off season working on fitness and committed training sessions on the bike, she entered the Chicksands 4x Winter Series where she took  the title earlier this year.

To be selected to race for Team GB was a welcome shock to Liz, who is super humble on and off the bike – to us it seemed like a matter of time with the results she was getting. Team GB fielded a 5 girl squad which included Katy Curd who snatched 2nd at last years World Champs.

Leogang, Austria is known as a tough track to race with some pretty big jumps and gnarly rock sections.

Liz was quick in Friday qualifying placing 11th and making her the second fastest Team GB female. Katy had a tough time in qualifying picking up a puncture meaning she would get last pick of her gate positioning in each round.

Liz was drawn in a tough grouping for her first race on the Saturday which included Curd and 2 Germans (who qualified 14th and 6th). Hungry for a result, Liz went at it out of the gate, making a good start but finding herself getting caught off line whilst pushing for a second place position. Second place was needed for her to progress. Sadly she couldn’t come back and finished in 14th. 4x is a game of fine margins. One small mistake can (and usually will) cost you the race.

Congratulations to Liz and to Team GB for their efforts in what was a great campaign! We also want to give a well deserved shout out to Katy Curd – the new 4x World Champion!

We’re excited to see whats next for Liz! 🙂

Photos: David Bloomfield



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