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4 Years


Pump Track, Enduro, smashing jumps and general shredding!


DMR Sect for pumps and jumps and a DMR Bolt for everything else

Since becoming our Saturday boy and Ross’ ‘apprentice’ mechanic, we’ve found out Ed is a ripper out on the trails… In fact we are so excited about Ed’s potential; he became our first Pedal Progression Racing rider in early 2014.

Since then Ed has been gaining experience racing at the ‘FOD Mini Downhill Series’, ‘Peaty’s Steel City Downhill’ and in 2015 was invited to ride with DMR for the ‘Pump Track Challenge’ at the London bike show where we won the amateur category.

He’s already got style about him and that’s hardly surprising with the class of riders he looks up to.

Ed’s DMR Bolt was custom built in the Pedal Progression Workshop by Ross.

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