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Looking to fly? Getting your wheels off the ground is one of the best feelings in mountain biking, but if you’re not confident with the techniques you need to carry out that perfect trajectory, your wheels might not hit the ground as smoothly as you’d like! Trust us, we’ve been there and got the ripped t-shirts to prove it.

Our ‘Jumps & Drops’ instruction gives you an understanding of the forces at work when you’re trying to get your bike off the ground or struggling to get it right so you can ride bigger and bigger jumps! Our expert coaches will take you step-by-step, from feeling the controlled weightlessness of your bike, to keeping your cool and guiding your bike back down to earth. We see so many riders using speed rather than good technique to clear jumps and drops – learning correct technique on our small and safe features is our tried and tested method to ensure you can hit the larger ones with ease.

Our Jumps & Drops options

Full Day: 6 hours
10am-4pm with a break for lunch (9am-3pm in Winter). Our public days are designed to give anyone the skills to progress their jump and drop technique starting from the very beginning. Utilising our brand new skills area in Leigh Woods, the 7, 8 and 9ft all-weather tabletops are perfect for learning and developing good practice, using skill and not speed to pop the jumps rather than squash them. Public full days cost £90pp.

Half Day: 3 hours
Our most popular custom option, we keep things simple on the site by only offering 3 hour online bookings. You can book a half day to cover jumps and drops in particular or turn it into a bespoke session by letting us know your exact needs. See our FAQ’s here for a full breakdown of our prices and call us to book.

Custom: 1 to 6 hours
Book time with one of our experts and pay by the hour. We can use multiple locations across Bristol to deliver the best jumps and drops tuition around. We’ll tailor session length and locations to give you the best option for you so call us to discuss your needs. See our FAQ’s here for a full breakdown of our prices.

What’s included

A pre-ride phone consultation leading to program development in advance of the session. Professional mountain bike instruction with one instructor to a maximum of 8 riders.


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