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25 January 2013

3rd WMB Magazine Cover For Pedal Progression

This months  edition of ‘What Mountain Bike Magazine’ (February WMB 144) has Pedal Progression coach and team rider, Sam Fowler on the cover, riding just around the corner on the Mendips.


This is the 3rd time Pedal Progression has been on a cover with local photographer Seb Rogers, and we are always happy for the opportunity to be in front of his lens. When Seb needs a rider to capture an image for print, he often turns to us as we do our best to smile for the shot and we don’t mind riding the same section of trail sometimes 50 times over to get that one perfect photo!

Both Sam and Matt have featured in test shoots and ride guides many times over the years, with Matt also testing kit and bikes for the magazine as one of their ‘Test Experts’. Apart from being able to proudly show our mums the results, it also means we get to ride loads of brand new bikes as they come out and experience all the kit, thrashing it on some incredible trails. It has helped shape our knowledge of all the latest brands, suspension designs, tyre choices and geometries out there, and know what this technology does for your ride.

“and that’s why there are always big grins and lots of laughter when we’re on a photo shoot!”

After we’ve swapped bikes, seen how they cope riding that same segment over and over and drawn conclusions from these lumps of metal and rubber, we usually sit down and agree that most new bikes these days are pretty amazing, even if some are a bit better than others.

It also makes us realise that, as coaches, we love nothing more than to see our clients push further and get closer to the maximum potential these great pieces of engineering can offer. It is true that you can have whatever bike you want from a £300 Saracen to a £6000 Yeti and you can have the same grin when you ride close to the edge of what each bike is capable of and designed for.

When you have a coaching session with Pedal Progression it’s all about helping you push yourself and your skills further so that you can experience what your bike is truly capable of – we just know that any bike is as much fun in it as your skills will allow – and that’s why there are always big grins and lots of laughter when we’re on a photo shoot!





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