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6 July 2023

E-bike Hire, Bristol

If you’re already sold on the idea of hiring an E-mountain bike at Ashton Court then crack on and book now… If you need a little convincing, read our 5 top reasons below…

  1. Health and Fitness Benefits: Riding our Whyte e-bikes provides a fantastic opportunity to stay active and improve your overall health. They offer various levels of assistance, allowing riders to customize their workout intensity. Whether you’re looking to get your heart pumping on challenging terrain of the blue and red mountain bike trails at Ashton Court or prefer a more relaxed ride down to the Mansion house and around the dear park, an e-bike enables you to set the pace that suits your preference and fitness goals. Regular e-bike riding can help enhance cardiovascular fitness, build muscle strength, and even aid weight loss, all while enjoying the great outdoors.
  2. Extended Riding Range: One significant advantage of e-bikes is their extended range compared to traditional bicycles. The electric motor assists riders, making longer distances and challenging terrains more accessible. Whether you’re exploring scenic routes or embarking on epic cycling adventures, e-bikes enable you to cover greater distances comfortably. Experience the freedom to go further, explore new areas, and discover hidden gems without worrying about exhaustion or physical limitations. You could try something like this, like this, Or this.
  3. Inclusive Cycling Experience: E-bikes open up cycling to a wider audience, creating an inclusive experience for people of various ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities. They empower individuals who may have been deterred by the physical demands of traditional biking to join in and enjoy the thrill of two-wheeled exploration. E-bikes are particularly beneficial for older adults, individuals recovering from injuries, or those who require assistance but still want to enjoy the benefits of cycling.
  4. Fun and Adventure: Riding an e-bike is incredibly fun and exhilarating. Whether you’re cruising along scenic paths, tackling challenging trails, or simply adventuring further afield, e-bikes inject an element of excitement into every ride. The electric assist gives you a boost of power, amplifying your pedalling efforts and providing a thrilling experience. Embrace the freedom, joy, and sense of adventure that comes with riding an e-bike.
  5. Getting to the top of the hill even quicker! For the thrill seekers amongst you an e-bike is an amazing tool to get you to the top of the hill even quicker. This means more runs down the Quarry trail, Supernova or any other of your favourite descents. You are welcome to take our e-bikes out off the estate, as long as you bring them back!

Where can I hire an E-Bike near me? You guessed it… If you are in the Bristol area we hire Whyte E-bikes from our centre at Pedal Progression. Quick and easy online booking. You can find us on Ashton Court Estate, Abbotts Leigh Road, BS8 3PX. We can deliver your bikes subject pre-booking and availability. Online booking is available here.


Written by:

Ollie Cain