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16 March 2018

Ashton Court Trail Closures – March – FAQ’s

If you’ve read our previous blog, you’ll have learned that we’re looking to transition to become a charity, in order to facilitate much needed maintenance and development around Bristols mountain bike trail network. Our first major project is to start next week (Monday 19th March) when Architrail will bring in their diggers and whacker plates to start work on revamping a couple of sections of trail.

What’s Being Done?

The bit of the Nova (blue) trail between the top of the first gravel climb and the picnic benches is getting a revamp. The start is actually probably the steepest bit of single track trail in the estate and you can get some good speed there but over time some of the features and catch berms have flattened out making it less fun. Architrail are going to breath some life back into to revive the stoke!

The Super Nova (red) trail is going to get a much needed overhaul. It’s not been touched since the trails were first built and quite frankly it’s a bit of a mess. The first half has always suffered from a lack of flow and the designers admit that they tried to do too much with it, in order to live up to its red trail status. A high density of features and lack of gradient make it drag. Our resolve here is to remove some of those features, tighten some of the berms and create a much more flowy and rideable section. By doing this, the first half of the trail may be stripped of it’s ‘red’ merit, becoming a blue trail, though this has yet to be confirmed. We believe that overall, the trail will be much better for it.

The bottom of the Super Nova (after the crossing) will stay graded red and will get a makeover increasing it’s ‘gnarlyness’ and adding some fresh lines and features for those with a racers eye! Many of the rocks in the rock garden sections have become massively exposed, making certain sections almost unrideable. These ‘unrideable’ sections have paved the way for desire lines that have widened the ‘trail’ and dragged mud with them, compromising the all weather surface.

We’re more than aware that there are other areas of trail which should be considered high priority for maintenance but for now, we think these changes will bring a real difference.

How Will This Affect Me?

Whilst the work is being carried out, the affected trails will be taped off and diversions will be set up as required. Please follow the diversions and curb your curiosity until the trails are reopened.

How Long Will The Trail Diversions Be In Place?

The work will take two weeks from start to completion. After that, the trail will need time to settle – usually between one and two weeks depending on weather. Once the trail builders are happy the trail is good to go again, the tape will be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s really important that the trails aren’t ridden until the tape is removed by Architrail. If the trails aren’t allowed to settle, they will wear quickly! That really isn’t what we want, or need.

What Should I Do If I See Someone Pulling Down The Tape/Riding The Trail?

We’d encourage you to take some ownership. Please be polite, stop them and have a word. Then let us know about it. If the tape is down or damaged, we’ll put it back up asap. We understand that it can be frustrating if a trail is closed, or perhaps tempting to want to see what the new trail is about but it really won’t be long to wait.


Thanks for reading. Please share this around so that everyone knows what is going on. We look forward to seeing you enjoying the new sections in the coming weeks!

Matt, Sam & Ollie


*** Here is an update from 30/3/18 ***



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