Ashton Court Trail Closures - Red Trail Update - Pedal Progression


30 March 2018

Ashton Court Trail Closures – Red Trail Update

You may have seen or heard that there’s been some work happening on the red (Super Nova) trail up at Ashton Court. We were expecting the work to be completed by this weekend (Saturday 31st March) but with challenging weather this week, as well as bank holidays and a super busy calendar for Archtrail, things are a little behind. Here’s an update for you.

The top section of the red has had all its work done. The two sections pointing down the hill are more flowy than they were before with a few of the features changed for more fun! The two uphill bits have had the rock sections removed and should ride a little less like ‘hard work’ which seemed to be the main complaint.

The bottom section isn’t yet finished but there has been some work done already. At the minute it’s mostly demarcation work to reduce the growth of desire lines (click the link to find out more!) that are widening the trail, which in turn will give the plant life a chance to regrow. Other than that, the main aim is to reshape some of the berms and drops that have had material eroded and dust the whole run, giving it a new lease of life. Architrail think that they can have the work done by Wednesday 4th April, although the trail will remain closed for a couple of weeks after.

NOTE: Both of these sections are currently closed and should not be ridden! The dust needs some time to settle before the trails see bikes, or else they will wear much quicker than they should. That’s not value for money! This is especially important with the relentless rain we’re having!

From chatting to Architrail, it looks like the tape will come down on Monday 16th April and the trails will be good to ride for a good while longer! The blue (Nova) trail still hasn’t been touched. Architrail will come back in the next few weeks to do some work there. We’ll keep you posted on that too as and when it happens.

Thanks for your patience in not riding these trails for now. Spread the word so that others are in the loop too. You can also sign up for future updates below.



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