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26 February 2021

Introducing… Bath Bike Park!


Pedal Progression is almost 9 years old! In that time we have grafted at Ashton Court to create better facilities for local riders, to support them with high level coaching and to bring more people into the sport through top quality bike hire. The ultimate dream however, has always been to design, build and manage a mountain bike park that captures our vision and values throughout. In our business, strategic decisions have been made over the past few years to put us in the best possible position to realise this dream, should the opportunity arise… And arise it has!

Introducing BATH BIKE PARK!

It’s been literally years in the making but today, we are so proud to announce that Pedal Progression have won a lengthy tender process to create Bath Bike Park, on the site of the former Entry Hill golf course.

For those unfamiliar with the site, it’s in the Odd Down area of Bath and is a beautiful piece of inner city parkland, a hidden gem. The site is approximately 30 acres and has enough gradient to create some fun features and trails. This will work out as around 5km of purpose built, feature rich mountain bike trail within 2 miles of inner city bath with some added extras!


Two Parks, One Site

Inner city parkland is a blessing that needs to be cherished and made available to the masses. The Entry Hill site has been used by a multitude of people whilst it’s been a golf course, including dog walkers, runners and people wanting to exercise in a beautiful surrounding. We understand the need for this to remain and so we’ve proposed two separate uses within the same site.

The bike park will be a pay to ride facility and will be separated from the rest of the park. This area will house the majority of the trails and mountain bike specific facilities.

The rest of the park will be free to access, including the green perimeter trail. This is a wide, multipurpose trail for dog walkers, runners and family cycling. There will also be a cafe, play park, bike shop, bike hire centre, community garden and picnic area. An allotment space will also feature.


What Will Be In The Bike Park?

With our design and construction partners Architrail Velosolutions UK, we created a design concept which wowed B&NES Council and we hope you’ll be stoked on it too! This is the map below.

In line with our company values, we want to create a park that is inclusive and progressive. Our concept design features a Velosolutions asphalt pump track, multiple dirt jump lines, a dual slalom track, a full range of graded trails, skills area and a learn to ride area. We believe our bike park will provide possibilities of progression from balance bike right through to decent sized jumps. Whether it’s used as an inner city training ground ahead of trips further afield, or for people practicing with the intent of progressing within the park, we believe there will be something for everyone at Bath Bike Park.


Is There Gradient?

Yes. The site has an ideal gradient for building trails on. The descents will be super fun and feature rich and if they don’t get your blood pumping, the climb will!


Why Pay To Ride?

The simple answer is sustainability and continuous development. One thing we’ve learned from our work at Ashton Court and that we’ve observed from other similar projects, is that trails need regular maintenance and it isn’t cheap. A percentage of each entry fee will go back into maintaining and developing the trails, meaning the trails will remain in great condition. We want the park to be as good (if not better) in 10 years time as it is on the day the gates open.

Also, a significant part of this project is to engage with local charities, schools, youth and community groups  to create more free and affordable opportunities for people to ride who may not otherwise get the chance, or who may not see mountain biking as a sport for them. The combination of paying park riders, cafe and bike shop profits will enable us to offer discounted and free access through projects that will create fair participation for all. Again, we have learned from our work in Bristol that this takes time and resource so will be creating a specific role on site to ensure that this is done effectively. We will be working closely with B&NES Council and the local community to make contact with groups as the project progresses. Over the coming weeks we will be writing out to make initial contact. If you are interested in getting involved please have a read of our letter here, we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, revenues will help to ensure that the free access part of the park remains a well maintained and beautiful place to enjoy.

What Other Facilities & Activities Will Be On Site?

The concept design above includes a new cafe building, toilets, a bike shop selling parts and bikes and offering bike hire, repair and our coaching services. The learn to ride area and children’s play park will be free to access as will the perimeter trail which will lap the site, giving access to quieter areas, such as the pond and community garden, allotments and picnic area. We’ll look to partner with personal trainers and yoga instructors to offer classes in the open space.


When Can I Ride Bath Bike Park?

We expect the park to be complete and operational by Spring 2022. We’re looking at options to have the new cafe on site and operational, for this summer.

Can I Get Involved Now?

Right now, the project is fresh, having just gone live. Before long there will be opportunities but for now just spread the hype and get yourself on the Bath Bike Park mailing list to keep up with the latest news. You can also follow us on our new Facebook and Instagram pages, where we’ll share developments as they happen.

We will start a recruitment process for both the Bristol and Bath sites, with jobs in Bristol being made available in advance of Bath. Keep an eye out here for more details.

We’ll also soon be launching a crowdfunder, which will be necessary to bring in a percentage of the funds needed for the park build.

What About Ashton Court?

Bristol is home to the (majority of the) current Pedal Progression team and the Bristol site is not going anywhere! We will continue to offer bike hire at Ashton Court and there will be coaching available too, although this may naturally migrate to Bath once the new site is operational. Bath is a second site, that will allow us to do more than we’ve done in Bristol.

We have worked with many of those involved in the Ashton Court trail refurbishments to help create Ride Bristol, a charity that will continue the work we began. Ride Bristol will not only maintain local trails but will look to develop new areas in the city too. This was a really important step for us, protecting what we’d started before ‘moving on’ so to speak. Pedal Progression are still represented in Ride Bristol with Ollie sitting on the board of trustees. Please give Ride Bristol a follow on the socials and look out for opportunities to volunteer in the future.

Recruitment In Bristol

Pedal Progression will soon be recruiting staff for their Bristol site in various roles, so keep a look out here if you’d be interested in joining our team at such an exciting time.

What Happens Next?

This is a huge project with many different things to consider. Our plans were laid out in the tender submitted to B&NES Council and now we’ll work our way through, laying the metaphorical ground work before the site starts to develop.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the project progresses. Please click the link below to sign up and be the first to know about project progress.

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