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13 December 2017

Corporate Events at Pedal Progression – Get Your Team Fit, Focused & Productive for 2018

Everyone knows that building relationships within your team, across your company, with existing and potential clients makes sense to drive productivity and profit. Having fitter, healthier and happier employees is undeniably great for your organisation too. We feel mountain biking has a unique combination of elements to support your team’s focus and growth in 2018…..

1.- Improvements in physical health: This will not be a surprise! Regular mountain biking will help your employees maintain health, organ function, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Mountain biking combines a lot of different types of exercise and movement into one activity. The cardio work out you get will be just as intense as any road ride or run but it is much more dynamic, forcing you to stretch and move in lots of different ways whilst reacting quickly to changes in the trail. Physically healthy employees take less sick days, have more day to day energy and generally feel happier! Why not make mountain biking a part of you healthy workplace policy?

2.- Stress busting and improves mental and emotional health, resilience and well being: Firstly it’s fun. Fun things make you feel happy. Physical activity changes your brain chemistry through the release of endorphins,  feel good hormones. Their release has been associated with reduced anxiety and happier moods. Physical activity also helps to control cortisol levels which can lead to a reduction in feelings of stress. Stress at work is one of the biggest causes of absenteeism, costing the UK economy an estimated 6.5bn per year…Get your team into mountain biking and feel the positive buzz in the air! You may be aware of a recent study that shows that just being in the forest is now scientifically, ‘proven to lower heart rate…. blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of well being.’ You can read more here…Mountain biking is predominantly done in the woods so this is another ‘Bingo’ for anyone who takes part. For more great info on how cycling can improve mental health click here.

3. Team problem solving and relationship building: It is well recognised that putting a team of people in new and unique environment can support the development of creative thinking bringing unexpected strengths and solutions to the table. Putting a team outside of its usual comfort zone can encourage bonding and a team working effect as they seek solutions to a common goal. Previously stretched working relationships can be repaired and common ground can be found between team members who previously may not have communicated much. Having fun together can also help people to see the lighter side of their colleagues who may have previously seemed unapproachable or disinterested in connections with others in the office environment.

4. Bring new strengths to the fore and build individuals confidence: The unique combination of endorphin’s and adrenaline has a great effect to make people feel more excited and ‘buzzed’, whilst feeling socially more relaxed and confident. This can have a powerful effect for members of the team who may, in the office environment, be less likely to speak up and come forward with ideas and solutions. When working with groups we often observe the dynamic changing – as individuals strengths show through in ways they previously haven’t. This new experience of engaging with others could give them a new perspective on their strengths as part of the team, building confidence that they can take back to the workplace.

5. Mountain biking is damn good fun: Maybe you just wanted to focus on the enjoyment. Your team have worked hard for you and you want to take them out for blast, blow away the cobwebs of a stressful year and just have fun together. If you want to be remembered as the awesome boss who introduced them to their favourite new sport then bring them Mountain biking! Everyone loves a rad boss and it may just help you keep those great colleagues in your team for the future!

6. Sustainable Transport: Encouraging your team to go mountain biking could be a great stepping stone for them to start other types of cycling activity, one of these being cycle commuting. Mountain biking increases fitness and confidence on the bike, employees who previously felt cycling to work was not an option for them may start to realise that they have what it takes to get to work by bike. This will have exponential benefits for your organisation, any sustainable transport plan you may have, your employees long term health and happiness and the environment in our congested city! And if you don’t believe us that getting your employees cycling to work is good thing…you know you can trust Arnie….

What we can do for you:

At Pedal Progression we have 3 fully qualified instructors, can guide groups of up to 24 people and create bespoke sessions for corporate teams. We have 30 high quality mountain bikes, helmets and quick easy access to over 10 miles of all weather trails. The trails are suitable for all levels of riders.

We Can…

– Just hire you the kit.

– Hire you kit, take you out for a guided ride.

– Hire you kit, take you for ride, add some skills training to make you feel faster and more confident on the bikes.

– Hire you kit, take you for a ride and throw your team some challenges, this could be navigational, mechanical, or something more ‘creative’ to get your team thinking, solving problems and could include pushing them harder physically if that’s what you want!

We run regular free events to to give business and team leaders a chance to have a go to see if you like what we have to offer. To find out more and book on please email:


Written by:

Ollie Cain