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Ready to get airborne? Then let us take your skills to the next level with our Public Jumps & Drops course. It’s all about getting your wheels off the ground; one of the best feelings on a bike!

This is Session Three of our Public Coaching Pathway. If you have completed Session One & Two or a bundle of Bespoke sessions with us, then this course is for you. This is an advanced session that requires a firm understanding of the fundamental principles we teach in the previous sessions. It’s essential you are confident with the skills covered in Fundamentals and Find Your Flow to get the most out of this course.

Whether you’re new to jumping and ready to learn or are already confident riding bigger features, there is much to gain from this session.

As part of a supportive group, you’ll learn valuable drills and skills that will get you safely dropping off features and confidently hitting jumps. We discuss different methods, from squashing to popping, rolling and hopping. We won’t be hitting 30 foot gaps by the end of the session but we will coach you through the advanced skills you need to progress safely and send it!

Who’s it for?

This session is aimed at intermediate riders who have already done Public Sessions One & Two or completed a Bespoke Bundle. Suitable for those 16 and over. If you’re younger and would like to attend, please contact one of our coaches.

How Long Is The Session?

4 Hours with a short break.


Ashton Court Nova Trail (Blue & Red graded sections) and Leigh Woods jumps.

Course Content

Body PositionA quick recap on body position to ensure you understand how your posture, balance and movements set you up for take off and landing.

ManualsA vital skill in getting air on the bike. Avoid nose diving on bigger drops and get extra height on jumps. We recap the manuals you learnt in previous sessions and then apply to features on the trail.

Drops – Learn different approaches to drop offs, how to read the trail and apply technique.

BunnyhopsWith a consistent hop comes the power of the pop! Learn how to jump higher and further with precision.

Advanced Pumping – Pumping and jumping are two of the same thing. Develop new methods that will drive the bike upwards.

JumpsWhere your new and improved skills all come together. We learn to assess jumps and adapt our skills, how to squash a jump and send it. We work out how to generate more pop.

What’s included?

A pre-ride phone consultation leading to program development in advance of the session. Professional mountain bike instruction with one instructor to a maximum of 8 riders.

What Does It Cost?

£90 per person.

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Our coaches are passionate riders who are excited to share their knowledge with you.

Book now for a fun and positive experience that will take your riding to a new level.



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