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29 October 2020

Introducing – Phil Simpson

It’s an exciting time here at Pedal Progression as we welcome two new members of Staff. Check out the interview below for a few more details about what makes Phil tick.

Tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in Dorset, spending most of my youth obsessing over biking and skateboarding and going to gigs. I went to Manchester School of Art for University, studying Photography and Digital Art, going on to spend several years in Asia and Australia. When I came back to the UK I settled in Bristol, because clearly there’s no better place to be! Its proximity to so much great riding meant I could easily immerse myself in the MTB world. 

Why mountain biking? 

Fun is what it’s all about for me! The fitness is a cheeky bonus. MTB ticks all my boxes… Adventure, adrenaline, friends, freedom, mud! It’s soul satisfaction.

What are your interests apart from mountain biking?

I’m a bit of a music nerd, I appreciate music in all its forms and love getting lost in it. I’m a regular gig and festival goer. I’m also into photography and all things active outdoors.

What’s your favourite place to ride and why? 

It’s a toughie with so many prime spots within a short drive of Bristol. My go to spot is the Forest of Dean, It’s a mountain biking Mecca and so close to home, yet vast with an abundance of varied and challenging riding. The downhill tracks at the trail centre are great for an afternoon blast. The Quantocks is another favourite, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) thats small in scale but endless in terms of riding. Sometimes small things really do come in big packages! With 360 degree views from the hilltops over Somerset and the Bristol Channel, the Quantocks has some of the best natural descents in the west country, into the many surrounding woodland Coombes.

What’s your weapon of choice?

I’m riding a Transition Patrol. A serious fun time machine! More bike than I could ever possibly need, but who doesn’t need more bike?!

What are your goals for the coming year?

To continue progressing with my riding and overcoming new challenges. There really is no limit to the learning! Also, I want to  continue exploring the UK by bike and develop new ideas as part of Pedal Progression’s forward journey. I’m excited!


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Written by:

Harry Griffiths