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16 July 2012

New Pedal Progression Jerseys From Morvelo!

It’s been a busy month at Pedal Progression HQ and amongst preparing for sessions and upcoming events we had a rather awesome parcel turn up – our new branded jerseys!


The skilled designers and all round nice guys over at Morvelo were impressed by our vision for mountain bike coaching in Bristol. They offered their services, and put pen to computer screen (is that how it works)?

We’ve had a limited run of both XC (cross country) and baggy freeride jerseys for Matt and I to wear when coaching, riding round the woods in circles and ordering kebabs – in fact they’re so badass we’ve had a hard time NOT wearing them!

Big thanks to Morvelo!


We also had some radonkulous stickers made up for us. We’ve got quite a lot of them, so if you want one to stick on your bike, your car or your mum’s fridge then give us a shout and we’ll get some out to you!





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