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17 September 2012

Pedal Progression @ Mondraker Gravity Rally

Pedal Progression recently returned from the first ‘Gravity Rally’ on Exmoor, and what an event it was. Not a ‘race’ due to the public nature of the trails used, but a 30km loop with two of the downhill sections being timed. Riders could see how they fared against the likes of Fabien Barel as well as all their mates who’d drunk too much the night before.


On the Saturday after setting up tents (or luxury gazebos), riders had five hours to record times on the first downhill segment. With an easy 40 minute pedal to the top most had a good 2 or 3 goes – only taking 4 minutes to get down it’s a reminder of how unbalanced our sport looks to an outsider but man was the climb worth it?! Huge grins at the bottom left everyone excited for the riding the next day.

The event had a great marquee and pit area. After bbqs were lit and bergs flipped, a skid competition started the party off and the free ale tickets were getting everyone involved in trips to the bar. A lot of people stayed up till gone midnight and chose to start on Sunday bleary eyed and struggling up the huge hill that led to the start of the first stage.

“Pedal Progression client Liz Fowler put in the fastest time in the women’s category and won”

The photos tell the rest of the story on Sunday with stage 2 being a classic moorland descent with some of the most flat out straight line speed I have ever has the pleasure of exposing my bare face to! People were flying into the heather trying to go too fast but those that held it together were disappointed to hear that the times were lost due to an error with the equipment. Bummer.

After another great un-timed descent into Porlock it was a revisit to the stage from Saturday that saw riders pushing it again and going even faster down the Cat’s Scramble and ending the day on another high.

It was a great event and the sun came out for the finish making if feel like the height of summer – we were all pretty happy relaxing on the grass with our buddies and recounting the day’s events out in the hills – just how every good mountain bike ride should be.

Pedal Progression client Liz Fowler put in the fastest time in the women’s category and won entry to next years event – well done Liz! We’ll definitely be there next time to join you!







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