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20 February 2014

Pedal Progression Racing 2014 – Riders Revealed!

Well, we’ve finally decided to create a team! As kids, the dream for Sam, Ross and I, was to one day be sponsored, or riding professionally… It’s strange how things turn out! Now we are in a place to give back, we’re hyped on giving others support to reach their goals. Whether our riders podium or not, we know they are gonna have a good time this season and we’ll be with them all the way! We’d like to introduce you to ‘Pedal Progression Racing’


Meet The Team



Ed Profile



Eds Bolt





Edward Bartley

Name: Ed Bartley


Years Riding: 3 years

Discipline: Pump Track, Enduro and general shredding fun times!

Bikes: DMR Sect for pumps and jumps and a DMR Bolt for everything else


Ed is a new new addition to the Pedal Progression crew. After recently becoming our Saturday boy and Ross’ ‘apprentice’ mechanic, we’ve found out he’s a bit of a ripper out on the trails too… In fact we are so excited about Eds potential, he’s become our first Pedal Progression Team rider and will be looking to be competitive as he gains experience on the race circuit in 2014.

It was at the DMR Pump Track Challenge that we first saw Ed in action, as he got an impressive result placing 4th against a group of young riders that were a few years his senior. His time bettered world cup downhill rider Manon Carpenter by almost a second, and a tenth separated him with third place in his class.

He’s already got style about him, and that’s hardly surprising with the class of riders he looks up to.

Eds DMR Bolt was custom built in our Workshop by Ross Gill.


What will you be racing this year?

I’ll be racing the DMR Pump Track Challenge again after some good results in 2013. I’m gonna try my hand at some Gravity Enduros too so I’m excited for that.

What do you do when you’re not riding bikes?

I often get caught daydreaming at school, wishing I was riding… It’s all about bikes for me.

Who is your favourite rider?

Brendon Fairclough. The guy oozes style with his manuals and whips and he’s always consistent. His section in ‘3 Minute Gaps’ is a favourite to watch before riding.

Can you do skids?

In my pants or on the trail!?

Any tricks you want to nail in the next year?

Although pretty scary at the moment, I’d like to get 360’s over dirt jumps, and big moto stylee whips.

Other riding aspirations?

I’d like to race the Mega Avalanche but not sure if that will be possible this year. (What Ed doesn’t yet know is that this is on the list for Sam and I too – hmmm! – Matt)









Liz Bike





Liz Fowler

Name: Elizabeth Fowler

Age: 27

Years Riding: 2 years

Discipline: 4x and Enduro, XC and downhill for fun

Bikes: Identiti Krisis SL for 4x and an Orange Five for all other duties


In the distant past of her childhood, Liz took part  in a season of local and regional BMX races. After a fair few years concentrating on other things, she picked up a cheap mountain bike with the intention of getting back out there! After many sketchy runs trying to pick up technique from watching the boys and following them down whatever route they picked, she booked onto Singletrack 1 session with Matt. The rest they say is history!

A couple of years on and with her first 4x season already behind her, Liz is buzzing off bikes and the rush of 4x. Last year she ended the season proving competitive, after a slow start. Going from being placed dead last in the first round at Falmouth, to 2nd behind Katy Curd at the final round in Leamington, gaining 4th place overall for the season.

Liz learned a lot during that first season and, building on that with a winter of purposeful training, she is in search of podiums this season! We’re stoked to have her join Pedal Progression Racing this year and are excited to see how far she can go in the seasons ahead.


What will you be racing this year?

Hopefully, the whole British 4x Series. I was completely sold on 4x after my first race last year and now can’t wait ’till the season starts again!

What do you do when you’re not riding bikes?

I’m happiest when out getting fresh air, doing whatever comes up! Off the bike, I have been known to get involved with motorsport, have run a marathon, occasionally attempt to surf and love my music… it doesn’t take much to get me dancing!

Who is your favourite rider?

My riding buddy and boyfriend Dave Bloomfield. If it wasn’t for him suggesting new places to ride and assuming I’d be happy to follow him down whatever we came across when we first started riding together, I’m not sure I’d have discovered quite how much love I’ve got for riding!

Seriously though, I have really enjoyed watching Katy Curd fly this season… I was on the edge of my seat watching her World Camps Final! I found a recent video of her, Manon Carpenter and Joey Gough really inspirational! I’ve always got time for Danny Macaskill too, but then who hasn’t?

Can you do skids?

Have you seen the cost of tyres!?

Any tricks or new skills you want to nail in the next year?

I’m really keen to improve my jumping technique and get pumping nailed to carry as much speed as possible down the whole track.

Other riding aspirations?

I’d love to experience more of the world on two wheels, Whistler and the Alps being top of the list… head off to explore the mountains with a van full of bikes, tools, kit and well stocked with tea.


UPDATE: Liz won her first race as a Pedal Progression rider at the Chicksands 4x Winter Series. We are stoked for her!





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