'Ritchey BikeFest' 9-10th June. The Report - Pedal Progression


15 June 2012

‘Ritchey BikeFest’ 9-10th June. The Report

We love getting people stoked on riding, and this years ‘Ritchey BikeFest’ gave us the perfect opportunity to do just that, so we grabbed it with both hands!


This was the first time we’d exhibited ourselves as Pedal Progression and so branded easy ups and flight cased merchandise didn’t feature in our camp. Instead just a ‘waterproof’ Argos gazebo, wallpapering table and a few shoe boxes full of stickers and flyers! We did however have FREE Jelly Baby’s and peanuts which proved popular.

Our mission was to provide free coaching, run the kids race and get each of the 1500 odd racers so pumped that they’d be bursting with adrenaline. I think we succeeded. Saturday saw us take out two kids groups for some vision coaching which proved a hit and the kids race was equally fun, with about 20 little rippers shredding a small section of trail on their balance bikes and mini steeds. This was super fun to be involved with and it was encouraging to see so many keen new riders eager to be first across the line.

The most part of our weekend was spent on the start and finish straight, shouting ourselves hoarse as encouragement and banter spouted from our mega phones. I even got blisters on my fingers from too much cow bell ringing! The addition of the Pedal Progression ramp brought on cheers from the watching crowd as people saw their friends get some air time. There were a few occasions when I had to cover my eyes as ‘have a go hero’s’ took their life into their own hands, but with only one unlucky man coming a cropper on his last lap! Commentator Matt Carr helped the hyping with chants of “DO THE JUMP!” blaring from the PA speakers and cheers followed for all who did. With Bike-Fest catering for so may levels of rider it was going to be hard to get the right balance of hype for everyone, but by the end of the day Saturday, even the Torq team riders were hitting the ramp in no particular style!

Respect for everyone who completed their races across the weekend. Having raced at a fair few BikeFest events myself I know it can be a slog and the headwinds that featured all weekend were never going to make things easier. I hope we gave you all a good time, and if you are the dude that crashed after nose diving the ramp on his last lap… I’m really sorry! We have a group session on Jumps running 30th June if you’re keen!?

Lastly, to all who all who raced, you are entitled to a 20% discount on skills sessions if you book with us before the end of June 2012. You will need to quote your race number when booking.

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