Shop Ride Report - 6th June 2019 - Pedal Progression


7 June 2019

Shop Ride Report – 6th June 2019

The Summer has seen a return for the Pedal Progression shop ride, now running on the first Thursday of the month. Whilst finishing our days working in the shop we were inundated with a variety of riders, each itching to get out on the trails. With the promise of a trip to our favourite Bourton Coombe, an unridden spot for many, the stoke was high!

It had rained pretty hard in the afternoon but by 6pm, the sun was shining and the smiles were out. Pleased at the range of ages, abilities, friendship groups and lone wolves, we asked our Ashton Court Steering Group buddy Jonathan Bowcott to get a few snaps to mark the occasion and then headed out!

From the shop we rode through Ashton Court, taking in the red trail and quarry climb before winding our way through Wraxall Piece. After a short spin up the main road we were in Belmont, a gravity bike park, hand built by a dedicated team of locals! Some of the group hadn’t ridden here before and seeing the hard work that had been put in heightened the mood further. Some people made a couple of runs before hitting the fireroad down towards Long Ashton and riding further out of town on the roads towards Flax Bourton and our destination, Bourton Coombe.

For those who haven’t been before, the climb into Bourton Coombe can be a tiring one but as a group we slogged our way up, only to turn the corner to be greeted with another steep section taking on greasy rocks to reach our destination. There was plenty of wheel spin as riders powered their way up and a few people were obviously envious of the e-bike rider who flew past us all. Once at the top, we had a quick stop overlooking Stancombe quarry where we gathered our thoughts and breath. Then, more fun!

Although there are only a few main runs, the trails here are awesome. All natural with a few hand crafted features including kickers, drops and bermed corners. judging by everyones smiles at the bottom of the trail it’s not only us that loves riding here! As we did our last run, the light was starting to dim and the legs were burning but the smiles only got bigger, with everyone stoked to be riding new trails with new people.

For many people in the group, this was the first time riding in Bourton Coombes beautiful woodland but I doubt it will be the last. It was great to show people how much incredible riding is on their door step in Bristol. Cheers to the local lads in BC who showed us the trail they had recently built. Boys dun good!

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