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15 October 2021

The New Whyte Bikes Range 2022

We were recently invited to the the Forest Of Dean by Whyte Bikes, who had brought their new range for us to check out and ride. This blog will give you a run down of our highlights and bikes to look out for this year. We all know by now that bikes aren’t easy to come by and the Whyte range is no exception with models expected trickle in across the year. However, if you’re impatient we suggest you hold tight!

The bikes look incredible this year and with a recent buy out that will allow Whyte to grow their offering further, the future holds all sorts, including potentially dirt jump bikes and short travel race rigs going into 2023 and beyond… It’s all very exciting!

Obviously e-bikes are stealing the show at the minute and Whyte are smashing it with their range! From the E-506, with it’s design queues taken from SUV’s, making it the perfect e-hybrid, through to the E-180 RS; a hardcore enduro race machine built to dominate on the hillside. We spent the majority of our day riding the E-160 S and  E-150 S. These are Whyte Bikes best selling Enduro e-bikes and we were blown away by just how capable they are. You can read more on our thoughts here.

Whatever our thoughts on e-bikes, we cannot deny how much fun they are to ride! Just look at Ollies face in the photo above, while he thrashed the E-150 29er.

There’s no doubt that Whyte have refined their range for the coming year and the headlines will likely be about their full suspension e-bikes and the T-140, however if it’s a hardtail you’re after, the 801 and 801 we use in our hire fleet feel so good to ride and look great too. Click here to read more about them.

Whyte Bikes ‘mechanical’ machines have also had some revisions. With the S-120 and T-130 removed from the lineup for 2022, to be replaced the T-140. Unfortunately we weren’t able to ride this bike but Whyte are confident that the bike will be making headlines when it arrives in the shops and the mags get a hold of it. With the previous success of the S-120 and T-130, who are we to disagree! It’s making our coaching team even more excited to receive their new bikes.

Our coaches will be riding Whyte T-140C R V1 trail bikes this year. Having been ordered a year ago and first expected to arrive in March 2021, we believe we are now just weeks away from getting them and having seen the base model (shown above), we cannot wait! This will also mean we’ll be selling our Whyte S-120C RS bikes (pictured below) which have been awesome! Keep an eye out on our ex-rental bike sales blog if you’re in the market for a rapid full suspension bike.

We are a Whyte click and collect dealer. If you’re in or near Bristol and are looking to buy a Whyte bike, please select Pedal Progression at checkout and we’ll build it and set it up for you and will take care of any issues that may arise thereafter. Stock is difficult at the minute but keep an eye out on the Whyte website and be quick to strike when your dream bike appears!


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