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1 October 2019

Trail Advocacy: Beggar Bush Lane Trail Closure From 30th September

We are excited to see the diggers are in as the next phase of trail re-surface gets underway. Tom and Jack from Architrail are on site working with the machinery to get the heavy ground work done then from next Wednesday we will be welcoming an army of volunteers to help to make the trail the best it can be! If you still want to pitch in, we’d love your support, scroll down for details of how to get involved. It’s hard work, but super rewarding, fun and a great work-out if you want it to be. The trail is now closed for the next 4 weeks with diversions in place (scroll down for details).

Key  Dates:

Trail closure: 30th of September for approx. 4 weeks (weather dependent).

Architrail in with machinery: 30th September to 8th October.

Architrail and volunteer work: 9th October to 18th October (weekend of the 12th and 13th inclusive).

Trail still closed to ‘settle in’: 19th October – 27th October (weather dependent).

Which section is closed:

The trail is fully closed from the hole in the wall to the miniature railway. The section is highlighted on the map in purple below.


Diversions in place:

With regards to what to do there are two main options…

Firstly, there is a bridleway that runs alongside the trail which will be in use whilst the mountain bike trail is closed. You will be diverted onto this when you get to the hole in the wall. At this time of year it is likely to be pretty muddy, quite slow and not a lot of fun. It’s an option to get you back to the start though. The slight concern about this is that people will get super muddy bikes and drag mud onto the trail at the miniature railway. Yes it’s a mountain bike trail and yes we know mountain biking can be muddy, and yes we like mud too. But lots of it on the type of surface we ride at Ashton Court can cause accelerated wear and tear. We are not saying don’t use this route, we are just saying be mindful of your impact and reduce dragging mud onto the gravel surface where possible.

The second option would be to avoid the Beggar Bush Lane section altogether. Turn off at the T junction by the Sourcy field at the entrance to the Supa Nova (circled in black on the map above) and use the fire road to get back to the start. You will loose out on some fun, but in the long run this is the best option for trail sustainability and the refurbished trails will be worth the wait and short term inconvenience.

As usual the worst thing you could do would be to ignore the signage and ride the trail that is under construction. This is disruptive to the dig team but most of all very dangerous for the rider!

Can I still get involved?

Yes you can. Just drop us an email: and tell us which days you are available. Dig sessions run from 10-5 on the 9th-18th October. Even if you can only help for an hour or so it makes a difference. Please make sure you let us know you’re coming so we can provide you with the necessary sign on info and equipment.

Massive Thanks:

Once again, a massive thanks to everyone involved however big or small you consider your contribution to be, it all makes a huge difference. For those who have not seen the numbers yet, the Nova trail was ridden nearly 26,000 times between June and September 2019. That’s a hell of a lot of smiles and good times you have been a part of!


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