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23 November 2018

Trail Advocacy: Trail Closure FAQ’s – Nov 2018

It’s almost time! Next week the trails will again have diggers, dumpers and volunteers hard at work, creating another TWO exciting sections of trail! Here’s what you need to know.

When Is The Work Starting?

Architrail are booked to arrive on Monday 26th November and the work will finish on Wednesday 5th December. We have a Christmas Party on Thursday 6th which will be a great way to round off the work. We’ll be running a tombola at the party and a pub quiz presented by Neil Donoghue and Blake Samson from! This will be to raise funds for the next section of maintenance. Check out the Facebook event and please come along.

Also, a huge thank you to all who have given so far! We collected £5000 needed for the current trail development in just 6 weeks! That’s insane!

Will I Still Be Able To Ride The Trail?

Once the work is finished, the newly worked sections of trail will need time to settle before they’re ridden. Both during the work and in the days / weeks after, there will be diversions set up. Please follow them! Please don’t ride the new sections of trail, however tempting it may be, until the tape has been removed and they’re officially reopened. The majority of the Nova trail will remain rideable.

The diversions will be as in the map below. the first, taking the grass route from the end of the Sorcy Field turns to the chicane before the hole in the wall. The second diversion will start at the miniature railway, taking you back up into into the car park, cutting out the last section of trail and driveway. Hopefully the pink markings on the map will make sense!


Can I Still Get Involved?

Yes you can! If you’d like to help us barrow stone, please email

Chris is kindly volunteering his time to organise all the barrowers, so please help him by letting him know which days you can help and at what times. All the details around when you can volunteer and what work is being done can be found here.

To Summarise

It’s going to be a rad couple of weeks and new trails for Christmas! Wahoo! Oh and come to our party…




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