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3 March 2019

Trail Advocacy: Trail Closure FAQ’s – March 2019

Oh boy, there’s is storm kicking off outside and the rain is setting in for the week… It must be trail digging time!?

When Is The Work Starting?

Architrail will be on site tomorrow (Monday 4th March), taking delivery of the digger and dumper. As soon as this has happened the trail will get taped off and closed and work will begin!

Volunteers will start arriving from Friday 8th through the weekend until Wednesday 13th.

Will I Still Be Able To Ride The Trail?

The trail will be closed for the next two weeks while the trail is reworked and then a further two weeks while the newly compacted stone settles. Our main priority for this dig is the quarry decent, however there may be work done on the quarry climb too and for a time there will be heavy plant crossing. This means that for the next month, the quarry trail is a no go area unless you have agreed to volunteer. The easiest thing to do, will be to miss it out altogether and head up the climb from the picnic bench area to continue the blue trail or hit the red.

Please don’t ride the new sections of trail, however tempting it may be, until the tape has been removed and they’re officially reopened. The rest of the Nova and Leigh Woods Yer Tiz trail will remain rideable.


Can I Still Get Involved?

Yes you can! We still have volunteer slots available, so if you’d like to be involved, there is still time! Please email our volunteer co-ordinator Chris Leeks – and he’ll let you know how you can be involved.

To Summarise

The quarry trail will be closed for approximately a month from tomorrow for a needed overhaul. If you’d like to volunteer, you still can. Please respect those who have put time and finance into this project by not riding the trails until the work is complete and all signage is removed.


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