Ashton Court Trail Closures - July 2018 - Pedal Progression


16 July 2018

Ashton Court Trail Closures – July 2018

The hot weather has pumped our vitamin D levels, browned our arms from the t-shirt sleeves down and has boosted ice cream sales throughout the land. It’s also dried out the trails which although great, has made trail maintenance tricky.

However, having just spoken to Architrail, we have come up with a plan and they will be back in and working on the Nova trail from Wednesday 18th through to Friday 20th! Hoorah! They will come with diggers and will ‘scratch up’ the trail, which basically means them roughing up and reshaping over those three days. If there is no rain in that time, it will be impossible for them to finish the job but they will leave the trails in a rideable state. Then, once the rain comes, they will be back to finish off with a fine dust.

The section they will concentrate on will be the first part of the Nova trail, where you drop in from the first fire road climb, all the way up until the picnic benches.

Please observe and ride any diversions that Architrail set out while their diggers are in.

We recently raised £1000 through the generous donations of the public at Bike-Fest and the Bristol GP. Thank you if you gave to this. The money raised will be used for the next stage of maintenance work. We’ll give more details of this once the current work has finished.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

Thank you.


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