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23 October 2018

Trail Advocacy – New Stone Deal!

We are lucky enough to have just a country lane separating Ashton Court from Durnford quarry. Sam and I decided to give them a call to see if they’d help us out by donating some stone…

There are two main types of stone that create the trails in Ashton Court; Type 1 limestone aggregate and dust. Type 1 is the slightly bigger rocky stone and the dust is the compacted top surface. Since working on the trail network we’ve already ordered a total of 52 tonnes of type 1 stone. It’s the stuff we use to build the berms, rollers and other features.

Tarmac, the company that runs Durnford quarry were really pleased to hear that the trails were in the hands of a volunteer group. It turns out that some of the guys that work there are keen riders. Our contact said he’d  speak to his supervisor to see if there was anything he could do to support us…

Last week, we received a really exciting phone call. Our man had a deal on the table – Tarmac offering to supply 100 tonnes of type 1 stone to us each year, free of charge! At £16 per tonne, that’s a relative donation of £1600! We simply call when we want a stone dump and they will do the rest! Yesterday the deal was signed off. We’re stoked!

This deal means that your donated money is spreading even further! We’re buzzing!

Please click here to donate to the ongoing maintenance of our trails. We won’t take any of this money for our time. It pays for the diggers, dumper and labour of their operators.


Matt, Sam & Ollie


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