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17 April 2019

Trail Advocacy: Quarry Trail Refurb Cost

It’s about a month now since we finished the refurbishment work of the Quarry Trail in Ashton Court. I wrote a report back then about what we’d done but didn’t include financials, as we didn’t actually have finalised numbers at that time. Now we do and here they are!

In total, 140 tonnes of stone was used to refresh the trail. 120 tonnes of type 1 stone and 20 tonnes of dust. The total cost of stone was only £890.40, as 100 tonnes was donated free by Tarmac.

Architrail charged £5218.08 for their side of the work, which included a multitude of health and safety admin, hire of the heavy plant, whacker plates and the cost of their time over 10 days.

Through various Council meetings and relationships built over the last few years, we were able to apply for and take a donation of £3000 from Bristol City Council to reduce the total cost significantly!

The total cost to the public then, with Bristol City Councils donation deducted, came to £3108.48!

Massive respect to everyone for putting in, in various ways, to make this all possible. The donors, the volunteers, the steering group, Architrail and Bristol City Council. The feedback we’ve had on new Quarry section has been awesome and there is no doubt that users of the trails have increased. The next job is to get the trail counters working so that we can prove this to potential funders…!

Next up we’d like to finish off the Beggar Bush Lane stretch of the Nova trail, joining the two recently re-worked sections. Please keep donating via this link so that there are funds available when the time comes.

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