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6 December 2022

10 Gift Ideas For Mountain Bike Lovers And The Mountain Bike Curious…


Of course we’ve got to start with this! It’s what we do and what we love. You’ve probably heard it a million times but coaching really is ‘that thing’ that will make you feel faster and more confident on your bike AND achieve you goals. Whether you want to have more fun or place top 10 in your next race. From as little as £65 for our Fundamentals public group course, £90 for a one off 1-2-1 right up to £395 for our six session bundle.

Video feedback, follow up notes and crib sheets with all sessions. Full custom progressive notes with 1-2-1 coaching bundles.

Cleaning Kit

A clean bike is a happy bike! Cleaning and care products are a great way to a bike running sweet and save money long term on repair bills. There are few options which make this a great choice if you are on a budget. From £7.50 for bottle of lube (might not sound that interesting but sometimes the best presents are the functional ones). Up to around £40 for a full set up including brushes, cleaner, degreaser and lubes. Buy 5 items from our bike maintenance and tools section and get 15% discount during December.

Products specifically formulated for your bike will get it cleaner, shinier and won’t damage or contaminate your bike.


Just like bike care products these come at lots of different price points. From on the go tools like the Blackburn Tradesmen with it’s 18 functions. To home workshop essentials like the M-part track pump and Park PC3 work stand. If you are unsure what they might need, pop in store and let us talk you through the options. We’ll be able to find the right tool at the right price for you. As above, buy 5 items in December and receive a 15% discount.

Quality bike tools are worth the investment to make repair jobs quicker and easier every time.

Hands and Feet

Always a popular choice because of the great ‘gifting’ price point. Bring a bit of colour into the cloudy winter days with Odd Outdoors mega comfy and fun ‘socks for your feet’. We’ve got a full range of trail riding gloves for kids and adults from the basic but excellent value Madison Freewheeel range to the premium Troy Lee Designs Flowline gloves. Buy 2 items and get 10% discount.

There is nothing better than warm comfy feet and hands. Cycling specific products provide increased comfort and safety with padding and protection in all the right places.

Intro To Mountain Biking Course

This is the ideal first step for someone who wants to get going on their mountain bike journey. This session cost’s just £30 and is an instructor led lap of the trails with tips and advice on how to make sure you feel confident and in control. The price includes mountain bike and helmet hire. To buy this for someone you can either book now or buy a gift voucher for the value.

Bristol Sweats and #SYLB T’s

Fresh out the box from the local print shop. You know you’ll feel cosy and look great in one of these. Available in store and online. Or fly the flag for shopping local with our 100% organic, climate neutral #SYLBs T’s. Now available in store. Even better!!! If you spend over £150 with us you’ll get one of these T-shirts absolutely free. These are not currently available on our site but give us a call if you want to buy one for home delivery.

Post ride cosy jumpers. T’s that make you feel good.

Stocking Fillers To Get Hyped And Hydrated For Longer Faster Xmas Rides

Torq gels in tasty flavours, Luncho Dillitos in biodegradable wrappers all washed down with water from your PP bottle. Over consume these at your peril but it’s always useful to have a couple of high energy quick digesting fuelling options in a ride bag or back pocket. Bananas are good too (we don’t sell them).

Quick tasty energy makes for great little stocking fillers, just don’t eat them all at once!

Donate To Your Local Trail Association

Bristol has Ride Bristol, there are trail associations in many UK and world wide spots that need support. They are generally run with donations and staffed with volunteers. If you want to give a charitable gift this year to your MTB buddy then why not make a donation on their behalf. Without trails we have nowhere fun to ride our bikes!

Give back to the trails this year. Without these organisations we won’t have great trails to shred.

A New Bike

Ok, if the person about to receive your gift is in this category then they are surely going to have the best Christmas of their life! We have a selection of ex-hire and new bikes in stock for adults and children. Prices range from £450 to ahem £5900. You can find ex-hire here and new bikes here. As ever give us a call if you have any questions!

All right, you’re the lucky one! Best. Christmas. Ever.

Gift Vouchers

The ultimate get out of jail free gifting option! You know they love mountain biking but have not the foggiest idea what they want or would use. Maybe you’ve left it to the last minute and have no time to think. Our gift vouchers are arguably the most versatile voucher a biker could dream of. You can spend on any of our services or products; hire, coaching, parts, clothing, accessories and bikes. We’ll be posting out all vouchers ordered before Friday 16th. You can buy your e-voucher online all the way up until 24th at 6pm. Order here.

Get out of jail free Xmas present you know they’ll lurve

Bonus Gift Idea… Spend nothing, zip, nada – Take Someone For A Ride…

If you want to keep it mega simple, don’t want to spend any money at all… Just take someone for a ride. We have 10+ miles of free to access all weather trail on our doorstep. Lend them a bike if you have a spare, borrow one off a mate or get them to get what they out of the shed. If it’s not suitable for mountain biking, take them somewhere it is suitable. Riding any bike is great fun and is a stepping stone to getting into MTB.

Free and easy. Just get out and ride!

Written by:

Ollie Cain