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24 January 2019

Trail Advocacy: Quarry Trail Refurb March

We hope you’re all enjoying the newly reworked sections on the Nova trail. Other than a few teething problems on the section behind the miniature railway (read more here), the feedback has been great and there’s no doubt that trail traffic has increased. It’s so good to see so many and such a variety of people using the trails.

While there is momentum, we’ve taken the plunge and have booked Architrail for the next round of maintenance… In March, with the help of a volunteer team (which you can join), we’ll be refurbishing the Quarry Trail descent!

Maintenance Dates: Mon 4th-Weds 13th March 2019

Volunteers Needed From: Fri 8th- Weds 13th March inc weekend

Finance Still To Raise: £2500


We’re aware that for many, the quarry descent has always been a favourite section of trail in Ashton Court. For sure it gets the most passes, with riders often opting to loop the climb and descent a second time. It’s a fairly long section and although access from the quarry is easy, getting onto the trail with diggers and dumpers is a little harder. This means there will be a lot of wheelbarrow work getting stone to where it’s needed.

We will have six volunteer day running from Friday 8th to Wednesday 13th March and, thanks to Architrail’s support, this includes full days on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th. Chris Leeks from the Steering Group will be looking after volunteer communication. So if you’d like to be involved, please message him at and he’ll let you know how you can help.

You may have seen in a previous blog that Tarmac have agreed to give us 100 tonnes of stone per year. Some correspondence with the Durnford quarry last week has confirmed that the agreement runs from Jan-Dec, meaning Tarmac will supply us with 100 tonnes of type 1 in March for use on the quarry trail. This will help bring down costs massively, however we’ll still need an estimated £5000 to pay for Architrail’s labour, as well as machinery and diesel. As I write this, we have £2426 in the trail fund.

Once again, if you can, please donate to the trail fund and spread the word that others might do the same. I’m confident we can raise £2500 by 4th March when the dig starts. Work is due to finish on the 13th and then the trail will need a couple of weeks to settle before being ridden.

We’ve added in a new feature on the donations page… Monthly Donations! This means you can now feel extra warm inside, knowing that you are helping us to make maintaining the trails sustainable. This is really important for the long term future of trails. A few pounds a month from lots of people is better than a one off donation and will really take the pressure off our fundraising efforts.

We’ll be pushing for your donations via our social media throughout February and our amazing volunteers have designed (Jay Robinson), donated free printing (Giles from G2 Signs) and put out (Richard Wherlock) some brand new signs that you’ll hopefully notice around the trails to remind you to give generously! These have a handy QR code that you can scan on your phone to take you straight to the donations page.

Thanks for reading and please like, share, donate, volunteer and pop up to the shop for a chat when you’re here.

Peace, love & happy trails,

Matt, Sam & Ollie


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